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About the Author

Catherine Eva Schandl, B.A. Honours, M.Ed., is a North American  author of Hungarian origin, who does her own historical research and writes books specializing in British Intelligence in World War II Hungary.


She is a blackbelt in martial arts.


Catherine Eva's  grandfather was Karoly Schandl  (link to Hungarian Almanac),  the former State Secretary of Agriculture of Hungary, Lifetime Member of the Upper House, President of the National Credit Cooperative (OKH) and HANGYA. Beloved by his constituents, he was a member of Count Bethlen's cabinet and was a strong advocate of land reform. His younger brother was Jozsef Schandl, an award winning ("Kossuth Dijas")  Hungarian scientist.


Catherine's father was Karoly William Schandl, the only son of Karoly Schandl and his wife Terezia. Karoly Junior was a lawyer who became actively involved in the British led anti-Nazi resistance in World War II Hungary, after which he was secretly imprisoned in the Soviet Union for years.


Re: Family Tree

Karoly Schandl Sr., the author's grandfather, had 3 brothers but he was the only one with a son. Karoly Schandl Jr. was the only remaining "Schandl" in that branch of the family. The family did not use any variations of the name. 




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